Monday, January 25, 2010

Math Relevant 2 whom?

Here is a video of Arthur Benjamin, a mathematician and magician. He gave a TED talk about making math more relevant. In his speech he gives a plug to the field of Statistics, pointing out that this is where students "see" the relevance of mathematics. It is short but sweet. I am going to have my Precal kids watch this and respond on a blog I create.


  1. Great TED talk video Sue! Stats rule:) What is the probability of 100% of the faculty and staff watching and/or commenting on this post?

  2. I'm so glad that our curriculum offers everything he mentioned - statistics, calculus, and discrete mathematics! I couldn't agree more that the study of statistics is enormously important and relevant. I use statitics practially every day!

    I do find his prejudice against calculus a bit baffling, however, as an understanding of calculus is helpful in the study of statistics. It's also needed in chemistry and physics.

    Both calculus and statistics have relevance, and a sound case can be made for the study of each. Students currently in precalculus with a choice to make for next year should likely have a serious conversation with Sarah Kramer about which course their prospective colleges might prefer, assuming the likelihood of success in each course is equal.

    It's always great to get outside confirmation, like this, that our curriculum is "on target". Thanks so much for the post!