Sunday, February 7, 2010

Interesting article in 360 West.

The magazine 360 West featured Dr. Moody Alexander from Arlington and his families amazing work with orphans in Africa. The kids came up with the idea after reading the book "Same Kind of Different as Me" which is on the Oakridge US reading list. They have adopted 2 children from Africa, but more than that, they have inspired others to take part. They have a blog site of their own that you may want to read. The family is featured in the new book by Ron Hall and Denver Moore called "What Difference Do It Make?" I found this article inspiring and intriguing for many reasons, the main ones being he is Brock's orthodontist (as well as many kids at Oakridge) and the book is on our reading list. The link to the article is in the blog.

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  1. The Alexander's are so unique. It is refreshing to know this level of care exists out in the world today. Knowing the Alexander's personally, I can say they often seem the most happy people to see out and about.