Thursday, March 25, 2010

5 Cool Tech Tools - Last Friday resources

Here are the links and screencasts for the 5 tools presented on March 25th.

iPadio is a podcasting website that allows you to simply use your cell phone. After signing up, you call in from the phone you designated and enter the pin number it assigned you and simply talk into your phone. Instant podcast (they call them phlogs).

Glogster EDU
This is the Education Glogster site that lets you create online posters. By signing up for an edu account, you can create students and classes so that you can keep your posters private if you wish.

Here is a screencast of signing up and beginning creating a poster.

Here is the second part that includes adding videos and publishing.

Online timeline tool that allows you to add pictures and embed video.

Here is a screencast of creating events, adding pictures and viewing your timeline.

Here is the second part that includes editing events and embedding video.

Wikis are like word documents on the web or very easy to make websites. You can make them public so anyone can edit them or restrict editing to just people you invite.

Here is a screencast on making a wiki in wikispaces.

Slideshare allows you to upload PowerPoint presentations so that anyone can see them at home. Could be a great way for absent students to catch up, review at the end of the unit or as a preview of a coming unit.

Here is a screencast of how to upload a powerpoint.

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